Maps To Help You Illuminate Your Place in the World          

Personalize Your Map

The Lightravels® maps provides endless opportunities to customize how you illuminate your travels.
Customize your map with a Personalized Plaque and your own unique combination of colored Light Pegs!

Imagine how you could use your Lightravels® illuminated wall map!

Personalized Plaques  |   Light Pegs 

Personalized Plaques

Adding a Personalized Plaque is the perfect way to add that special touch to your illuminated map!
Plaques come in Gold or Silver color and have room for up to two lines of text.
Order yours today!

3x2 Personalized Plaque
(Gold or Silver Color)

4X1 Personalized Plaque
(Gold or Silver Color)


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Light Pegs

Track your locations in bright lights and color!

Specially designed Lightravel Light Pegs available in 10 different colors.
Need only one color or need a specific amount of just a few colors? No worries!
You tell us the colors you want, and how many of each color, up to a total of 100 pegs.
Order now as they are great to have on hand!

Light Pegs Color Key

All colored Light Pegs are translucent where the light will shine
through to illuminate each beautiful color. The solid white blocker peg is not
translucent and is used to cover a hole that you no longer want to illuminate.

When re-ordering, there may be a slight difference
in the exact shade of each color to previous orders.

Click to view the Light Pegs Color Key on black background.


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