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Lightravels® Modern U.S. Map (RMUSM)

Our Lightravels® Illuminated Modern Style U.S. Map features a Rand McNally colorful, contemporary U.S. Map insert.
A combination of bold colors and detailed cartography makes this map stand out in any home, classroom, or office.

See this map really come to life when you insert our Lightravels® pegs anywhere you want into it!

At roughly 10 pounds, this one-of-a-kind map is lightweight, easy to hang, and appropriate for both
home and office. Track your most memorable trips and vacations or your business and
customer locations with the Lightravels® illuminated Modern Style U.S. Map.

Each map includes 60 pcs of Light Pegs (6 colors, 10 pc each color) and 1 Puncher Tool.
Personalized Plaques and 100 pc extra Light Peg bags are also available for purchase.
You can find these items on our Order Form page.

us map

Map features include:

Color-matching relief to show mountain ranges and other elevation changes.
Clearly labeled state and city names for easy identification.
State Capitals, National Parks, and time zone indications labeled on the map.
Albers projection for even representation of the country.
Durable lamination allows endless opportunities for trip tracking, route planning, and more.


Inner map dimensions: 30"w x 19"h
Complete product, including genuine wood frame and shadow box: Approximately 33"w x 22"h x 3"d

US Close Up
US Close Up

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