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Lightravels® Classic World Map (RMCWM)

Our Lightravels® Illuminated Classic World Map features a Rand McNally Classic Style
World Map insert. Parchment-like paper and rich, subdued colors give this map a sophisticated
old-world style while delivering the digital accuracy and extraordinary clarity you expect and deserve.

See this map really come to life when you insert our
Lightravels® pegs anywhere you want into it!

At roughly 10 pounds, this one-of-a-kind map is lightweight, easy to hang, and appropriate for both
home and office. Track your most memorable trips and vacations or your business and
customer locations with the Lightravels® illuminated Classic Style World Map.

Each map includes 60 pcs of Light Pegs (6 colors, 10 pc each color) and 1 Puncher Tool.
Personalized Plaques and 100 pc extra Light Peg bags are also available for purchase.
You can find these items on our Order Form page.


Map features include:

Map centered on Africa, which allows viewers to see countries complete and intact.
Color-matching relief to show topographical changes and for easy identification of mountain ranges.
The Gall Stereographic projection shows countries and continents truer to their relative size.
Antique-style accents for a more upscale look and feel.


Inner map dimensions: 30"w x 19"h
Complete product, including genuine wood frame and shadow box: Approximately 33"w x 22"h x 3"d

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