Lightravels® is the exclusive manufacturer of the unique and fun light up wall maps.

Gone are the old-fashioned tacky looking pushpins stuck into a map.

Experience the FUN and EXCITING way to personalize your travels in lights!

You'll be proud to hang this on your wall and show it off to your friends and family.

Professionally, you can use any of our maps to display your organization or customer locations.

See a short video on our patented map products.

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Like most travelers, we cherish our travel experiences.
We want to remember them, and share them with others.

Now there's a fun and elegant way to do that
with the exclusive Lightravels® illuminated maps.


Been to the Great Wall?

Choose a colored peg to mark the places you've visited on your Southeast Asia trip.


Cruised the Alaskan Glaciers?

You might choose a different color peg to show the places ventured there.


Visited the National Parks?

Now you can map out your road trip in style and color.