What Others Say About Lightravels

"This is the 5th time I have purchased an illuminated map from Lightravels®! Each time it is an amazing experience to watch the person unwrap this massive box and squeal with delight!! Placing the colourful pegs in every city you have ever visited allows you to bring back the memories of that vacation! A map from Lightravels® is not just a gift, it’s an entire experience that keeps on giving and continues to be a conversation piece in our living room day after day!!!! If you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further!!!!!"

Toranto, Canada

"We have a pretty awesome house - with amazing photos, furniture, etc... but your maps are what everyone talks about!!! The conversations are literally 5-10 minutes every time... and every time people say they want to buy one for themselves... Very cool product."

Novelty, OH

"We bought our framed travel map from you years ago & have enjoyed it so much. Always excited to get home from a trip and put the pegs in the map. Thank you for bringing us all so much joy. Lightravels® maps are such a high quality product and a delight for fellow travelers."

West Lafayette, IN

"I'm an active duty military officer stationed in Europe who has done my fair share of traveling both on business and on leave. Everyone who sees the lighted map asks me about it. It not only provides a beautiful means to share where we've been, but it also makes us excited to think of where we might go next. Equally important is how valued you have made me feel as a customer. When I had a problem with the bulb (likely caused by a power surge here in Europe), I had replacement parts within days. "Care packages" sent to me from home don't even make it as quickly as the parts did! Terrific "service after the sale." I would definitely recommend your product to anyone who either travels or wishes to do so."

CDR D. Brenner, MSC, USN
Naples, Italy

"The customer service experience with Lightravels® was amazing and helpful. Because all of the teamwork, I was able to bring two of their maps to Mexico City, for two very important people in my life. Those maps will become a living memory of years of hard work for them. Thanks for everything"

Mexico City, Mexico

I finally got to see the Lightravels® map in person when I visited my sister this past June. It is everything I hoped it would be - very high quality and looks gorgeous! I will probably be getting a map for myself!

Dublin, OH

"I simply called the Lightravels® Company and they worked with me to make sure I was ready for Christmas. They were incredibly helpful with crafting my order and they shipped it right away - I know shipping to Hawaii isn’t easy but they got it done! It is nice to receive a great product and to know that in this day and age true customer service still exists! Thank you Lightravels®!"

Ewa Beach, HI (U.S. Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor)

"My wife, with your help, has made this one of the best, if not the best, Christmas in 77 years. Maybe I will get an extension cord so I can have it on the bed with me if I get ill. Ha."

Bluffton, SC

"I wish to thank you for providing a product for someone who has everything and been everywhere. The level of customer service you provide is impeccable. From the other side of the world, nothing was too much trouble and you went above and beyond to source transport options and information. The immediate response to communication and the follow up to ensure the package arrived safely reflects the quality of your professionalism. Your product extends the enjoyment of your travels and becomes a talking point of friends. It is lovely to relive the memories not only as you place the pegs but everytime you turn it on. All I need now is to fill up the world with pegs. Bring on the frequent flyer!"


"Once again, I want to compliment you on your outstanding customer service. We have some vendors who we have to email 4-5 times and call 2-3 times to get something done; so the way you operate is very refreshing. Thanks!"


"On the initial shipment, my map was damaged during shipping. Lightravels® paid to ship the damaged map back and replaced it with a new map free of charge. I was very impressed by their customer service and would heartily recommend their products. By the way, the map looks fantastic!"

Houston, TX

"I saw your map at a local restaurant that used it to show where their customers are from. I told my boss about it and he decided to get one for our corporate office to show all of our restaurant locations. It is a great way to visually see where we are located and where we want to expand to."

St. Louis, MO

"Our experience with Lightravels® has been phenomenal! They've been very responsive and incredibly easy to work with each time we've needed to contact or communicate with them, Lisa Peters in particular. She truly went above and beyond to help me with a gift for my husband, and he is so excited. We're both so grateful to Lisa for all of her help and work! All around, a wonderful experience! I will not hesitate to buy a Lightravels® product in the future, and have been telling my friends and family the same. We'll be hanging our map on the wall and I can't wait to put all the pins in. I know we'll get years of enjoyment out of it! Thanks again, Lisa and Lightravels®!"

Kirkland, WA

"I have been waiting for years for a company to make this kind of map. We were so excited to see it online, and when we received it at home, we instantly started inserting the pegs into the map. What fun we had! It now hangs it in our family room and I can't believe how many times we get compliments on it when people come over to visit."

Coronado, CA

"The Lightravels® world map was definitely our best wedding gift. It is so much fun lighting up the map with our travels! We decided to use pink and blue to mark our travels that we did before we got married. Now we are using other colors to show the different trips we went on together. It is fun to see where we have been, and to dream of where we will go next. We LOVE our map!!!"

Bryan and Gibby
South Bend, IN

"We just received our world map and wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the overall quality of your product. My wife and I really enjoyed putting the colored pegs into over 95 spots on the map we have traveled to. Looks like we might need to order more pegs! By the way, as we were pegging our map, we found ourselves taking a trip down memory lane - thanks for so much fun!"

Chicago, IL

"Our church is affiliated with many mission teams all over the world. We are using our map to show our congregation where all of those teams are. It is a great reminder of where our teams are and what they are doing. Thanks!"

Virginia Beach, VA

"Thank you for inventing the World light-up map and for selling them on the Golden Princess. I ordered one from you in April. It's on the wall and looking fabulous with my 5 cruises all lit up. It was a lot of fun deciding which color to use for which trip. It's the best souvenir I have from all my cruises put together, and that's saying something because I am quite the shopper!"

"I hope you will be on board the Sapphire Princess in April 2008 (Sydney to LA), selling another clever, must-have product. Good luck in your business."

Pinole, CA

"Thank you so much for helping me with my recent order. With the help of a friend who took the time to research and find your website, I was able to purchase exactly what I had been looking for and hoped to give as a gift for Christmas. What impressed me so much in dealing with your company was the customer service I received. When I explained my situation and my very tight timeline, you immediately figured out how we could make it happen. You went far beyond what I expected, and as a result of your obvious commitment to customer service I received my package in time for the holiday travel schedule. The World Wall Map that I ordered is as beautiful as described and I know it will be enjoyed for many years to come."

Salem, OR

"We really are enjoying our LIGHTRAVELS map. It is fun to LIGHT up where we have been and to remember when we traveled there."

The Millers
Galveston, TX

"We were on a 75 day Africa cruise. Several passengers recommended getting one of your lighted maps. I ordered one for my husband's birthday. We love it! It looks great in our office."

Lincoln, CA