About Lightravels®

Lightravels® was conceived out of our love for travel.

We, Mark and Lisa Peters, have been to every state in the U.S. plus 108 different countries in the world to date. Mark used to keep a log of their travels on a map, using regular pushpins, which looked rather boring, and if I can say - tacky.

The more places we had traveled, the tackier the map became. Soon it became a visual embarrassment and was tucked away in the back of Mark's office closet. Consequently, Lightravels®, LLC was born.

Now we proudly showcase our personal travels on the illuminated World map in the family room and display our Lightravels® customer locations on the U.S. map hanging on our office wall for all to see!

With pleasure, we are now able to offer our elegant and modern looking maps to our fellow travelers and businesses, so that they too, may proudly display their travels or locations in a beautiful & unique illuminated fashion.

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Lightravels® Founders

Mark and Lisa Peters